Dragonfly Patio Lights: Spruce Up Your Patio’s Decor This Summer!

Joining the chili pepper string lights and Budweiser string lights that have been popular in the past, dragonfly patio lights may be the next big thing in outdoor string lights this spring and summer.

The dragonfly has long been a symbol of luck and positive energy across the globe. Why not bring some of this luck and positive energy into your patio or deck's decor with some beautiful dragonfly patio lights this summer?

Dragonfly patio lights come in a variety of styles and colors.

Some dragonfly patio lights are made out of twisted wire, some are made of plastic, and some are shaped like paper lanterns with the dragonfly motif cut out of the lantern's panels. You can buy dragonfly patio lights that have strobe function, chase and multicolor function, and ones that blink like traditional Christmas lights. They can be lit with traditional lamps, but some have bolder LED type lights that are much more colorful and attractive.

One really cool type of these lights are solar powered dragonfly patio lights.

These require no electricity and store up the sun's energy during the day, and stay lit for 8 hour or more after dusk. If you are into green energy these dragonfly patio lights may be right up your alley.

People have been enamored of the dragonfly's grace and beauty for thousands of years. If you are a fan of the dragonfly, getting a couple of strings of dragonfly patio lights to spice up your deck or patio is a no brainer. But these dragonfly patio lights will appeal to just about anyone who wants to have a unique look on their deck or patio. Make sure to be the first on your block to get some dragonfly patio lights for your deck before summer arrives. But don't be surprised if your neighbor's soon follow suit and get dragonfly patio lights of their own!

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